Isiman Suite features

A governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software, enabling you to monitor, manage and act on different activities, to improve global performance and decision-making thanks to our complementary functional modules, which can be independent from each other. They make the solution fully adaptable to your needs.

The software enables you to:

  • Create and validate forms, workflows and all types of conceptual business objects on a user-customised portal

  • Manage and control major and operational risks associated with your organisation’s activities on interactive cartography (GIS)

  • Implement and monitor internal control and business process activities, and guarantee business compliance using integrated BI

Risk management

Quotation of financial or industrial risks, with consolidation of results.

  • Launch of annual risk rating campaigns, rolled out to the relevant users.

  • Actions can be sent to the relevant internal or external users.

Tracking incident

Incident report, automatic or manual assignment to responsible person and status report.

  • Collection of all incidents, either by declaring them directly in Isiman, or by importing them from external incident collection tools (SAP, Sales Force, Excel, etc.).

  • Management of all types of incidents and nonconformities, industrial accidents on production lines, customer complaints, etc.

  • Possibility of integrating external users, particularly suppliers.

Managing compliance

Management of all internal control activities within the company to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • 1st and 2nd level inspections, periodic or on request. Inspections can be performed according to business needs.

  • Possibility of generating corrective or remedial actions from controls.

  • Consolidation of control results across organisational levels.

Policy management

Work processes are harmonised and centralised. This streamlines workloads and ensures compliance with your organisation’s charter.

  • Process mapping using the Isiman Designer graphic tool, from macro-processes to activities and procedures.

  • Quality documentation and process categorisation.

Compliance audit

Better planning of operational audits, enabling a rapid assessment of objectives and a true picture of how an organisation works.

  • Creation of work sheets in line with the company’s processes and risks.

  • Follow-up on recommendations and action plans.

  • Generate audit reports.

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