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The Isiman software suite is a low-code tool for digitizing business processes in banking, industry (luxury goods, offshore and oil & gas), retail and public administration.

Its components are deployed by customers with strong performance and management requirements for their most critical activities: fraud detection, anomaly tracking, pollution analysis, process auditing, etc.

ISIMAN V23.1 was an opportunity to improve the standard user interface of the ISIMAN Suite and to relaunch the ISIMAN roadmap in order to start technical studies for the integration of new functionalities.

Optimisation of the interface for better user engagement

All users of an application (business or private) will only make 100% use of a solution if it is easy to use and well designed.

User experience (UX Design) is at the heart of this new version of the ISIMAN suite. In this version, the entire interface has been redesigned. It is more modern and more intuitive.