Enhance your processes reliability & improve your performance

Plateform for digitising business process and strategic activity management

Governance & Processes

Provide a framework for your activities so they can be aligned with your business objectives while complying with your stakeholders.


Identify and assess your risks in a centralized plateform and in real time.


Automate and periodically monitor the effectiveness of the implementation of norms & regulations and internal standards in your organisation.


Organiser la collecte et le suivi automatisé et périodique de vos incidents sur une plateforme unique, avec une possibilité d’ouverture à vos clients et fournisseurs.


Implement your corrective and/or preventive actions and monitor the results on an interactive map in real time.


Plan and optimise the execution and success of your audits on a single platform that brings together all your data in real time and the processes to avoid all types of errors and disputes.

3 core values


We have over 10 000 users of our solution worldwide, with customers in a wide range sectors (banking, administration, industry, retail).


We have over thirty years’ experience in managing governance, risk, and compliance projects.


We support companies from project definition to delivery of the final tool. Workshops organized with their teams enable us to respond precisely to their critical needs with an agile tool.

Why choose Isiman?

Isiman software plateform is a “Low-Code” tool digitising the most critical business processes in banking, industry (luxury goods, offshore and oil & gas etc.), retail and public administration. The solution can be installed on IBM i, Power Linux and Windows environments.

Its components are deployed by customers with strong performance and management requirements for their most sensitive activities: fraud detection, anomaly monitoring, pollution analysis, process auditing, business intelligence, incident geolocalisation, etc.

Its flexibility and functional coverage ensure that it can be adapted to the businesses and processes of each organisation, regardless of the activities covered.

  • Operating modules

Isiman Suite is made of independent GRC modules. You deploy only the one corresponding to your needs. The modules are complementary and can be implemented as your organisation evolves.

  • Customisation

Isiman Suite is customisable and adapts to your business and processes of each organisation whatever the activity: banking, industry, administration, etc.

Our references

Isiman Suite : the business-focused software for your needs.